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A few kilometres from Libourne, north-east of Bordeaux, our property has 18 hectares of vines in two appellations: Montagne Saint-Émilion and Lalande de Pomerol.

Notre terroir

terroir saint-emilion



Montagne Saint-Émilion

terroir saint-emilion



Lalande de Pomerol

Nos cépages

eco 80% de Merlot
eco 10% de Cabernet Sauvignon
eco 4,5% de Cabernet Franc
eco 4,5% de Malbec
eco 1% de Petit Verdot
Illustration raisins

De la terre aux raisins


Rising to these challenges allows us to remain true to our values. We believe that this is the only way forward given the environmental crisis.

This has involved reducing the use of phytosanitary products to a minimum. Any pollution generated on the site is controlled.

Our desire to produce wines with the least possible impact on the surrounding environment led us to obtain HEV 3 certification in 2011.

Keen to preserve our vineyard and to respect the natural requirements of the terroir, we have implemented the gentlest possible growing methods to support the vines as they develop.
Sowing green manures such as vetch, clover and barley in the autumn helps to encourage microbial life in the soil. This biodiversity enables the vines to be in symbiosis with their environment. Weeds are controlled mechanically, and we have changed our approach to how we work with the soil, adopting shallower ploughing, and focusing more on the surface.

Illustration raisins

Des raisins aux vins


Because the human eye and gentle touch cannot be replaced by a machine, we harvest almost entirely by hand. This enables us to preserve the vineyard and to carry out an initial sorting of the grapes. A healthy harvest can then be brought to the winery.

Then the vinification process begins... Our new stainless-steel vat room and the use of new techniques allow us to bring out the best in our wines, especially in terms of extraction of the fruit and the finesse of silky tannins. Vinification takes place without the addition of sulphites because respecting the living nature of a wine means leaving it as free as possible, with the minimum of inputs, so that it can express its full potential and personality.

Part of our production is then aged in new French oak barrels for twelve months. This gives the wines more volume and density, and develops floral and vanilla aromas..

Throughout the production of our wines, from the moment they are transferred to vats and we start the blending stage, we try to be aware of their personalities and to create different musical notes.

" We then blend our wines as if we are composing a musical score.
Illustration raisins

Et si vous nous rendiez visite ?


Welcoming people to the property has always been important to our family.

In 2016, during the construction of our new winery, we created a reception area with the objective of having a bright, welcoming space that could also be flexible, depending on how we wished to use it.

As an example, we have an exhibition every year by artists whose work we particularly appreciate.

The facility is also available to associations and businesses for seminars, training sessions and meetings.

Meals can be served at these various types of event.