Château Haut-Goujon

Lalande de Pomerol – Montagne Saint-Emilion

The Garde family has steered this property with a firm hand since the beginning of the 20th century. Generations have followed one another over the years, each ensuring that the vines continue to receive the best possible care, with a view to achieving excellence in the wines that are produced.
The result: a range of wines with strong personalities, that can all claim to reflect their terroir.
The story of a family… united in their love and respect for wine.


Elie Garde

Elie Garde planted his first Merlot vines. At that time, the property had six hectares of vines.

Robert Garde

 Robert took over after Elie and made several memorable vintages, especially 1945 and 1947.

Henri Garde

Henri had to deal with the terrible frosts of the winter of 1956, which destroyed almost all of the vines.
With a great deal of courage, hard work, patience and perseverance, he gradually replanted and re-established the vineyard. He was aided in this immense task by his wife Liliane.

Corinne, Mickaël et Vincent

 Since 1995, their three children – Corinne, Mickaël and Vincent – have taken up the torch, pooling their strengths and skills to manage Château Haut-Goujon, which now has 18 hectares of vines.

The Family

Ensuring of the property’s future with improvements to the facilities:
– Upgrading of work areas to comply with the latest standards
– Restoration of the old storage buildings
– Construction of a new vat room
– A reception area to develop wine tourism

Two appellations

A great terroir

Located in the Bordeaux region, a few kilometres from Libourne, Château Haut-Goujon’s 18 hectares of vines are spread over two appellations:
Lalande de Pomerol and Montagne Saint Emilion.
Château Haut-Goujon benefits from the influence of the nearby Atlantic coast, and its proximity to the Isle and Dordogne rivers. The hot, sunny, humid climate is perfect for producing great wines!

carte vigne lalande de pomerol

Lalande de Pomerol

Lalande de Pomerol’s vineyards are as old as those of neighbouring Pomerol – the two appellation areas are separated by the Barbanne River – and were created in the twelfth century by the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of Saint John. An AOC since 8 December 1936, it covers about 1200 hectares and includes the old Néac appellation, which disappeared in the 1970s.

Château Haut-Goujon and its vineyard are 40 km from Bordeaux, 3 km north of Pomerol and 12 km from Saint Emilion, on the D1089 departmental road, going towards Périgueux, in a locality known as Goujon.

Montagne Saint-Emilion

The AOC Montagne Saint Emilion is one of the divisions of the Saint Emilion appellation (also known as “satellites”) and covers approximately 1600 hectares. Created in 1922, it become an AOC in 1936. The production area extends over the commune of Montagne and the neighbouring hamlets of Parsac and Saint Georges.

Vines have been grown in the Bordeaux region since ancient times. But it was not until the Middle Ages that the vineyards extended into Libourne and only in the nineteenth century that the region’s wines began to occupy a significant place within Bordeaux’s wine production.


The Environment

Because consumers not only expect a designated production area to guarantee the quality and provenance of a proposed product, but also that producers undertake to act responsibly at an environmental, social and economic level; Château Haut-Goujon has adopted specific resolutions relating to these issues.

On an environmental level

  • Reduction of the use of phytosanitary products by developing an organic treatment programme for the whole vineyard.
  • Preservation of resources by reducing consumption.
  • Management of any pollution produced on the site (liquid effluents, waste, risks associated with storage)
  • Development of biodiversity.

On a social level

  • Support in developing operating teams’ skills.
  • Reinforcement of measures to ensure safe working conditions.
  • Raising employees’ awareness of our environmental approach.

On an economic level

  • Ensuring the long-term survival of production by integrating sustainable development requirements.
  • Maintaining loyal partners.
  • Satisfying new/changing consumer expectations.

Château Haut-Goujon takes a responsible attitude towards the environment and is committed to sustainable development; it has been a member of the EMS (Environmental Management System) association for Bordeaux wines, with ISO 14001 certification since 2011, and obtained HEV3 High Environmental Value certification in 2017.

We committed ourselves to the EMS approach with a view to bringing the site into compliance with regulatory standards and enhancing the property while at the same time ensuring its future.
Through developing the EMS approach, we were able to bring the site into compliance and review the way the property is managed.
We have integrated risk management for our employees into our activities, and also with regard to the potential pollution of the environment.

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