Château Haut-Goujon

Lalande de Pomerol – Montagne Saint-Emilion

Liliane Garde

Je m’investis dans la propriété mais je n’en oublie pas pour autant le reste du monde : tous les ans, je participe, par exemple, au convoyage de malades en pèlerinage vers Lourdes.
I put a lot into the property, but not to the exclusion of everything else: for example, every year, I helping to accompany the sick making a pilgrimage to Lourdes.
I still receive clients, and have been manager of the property since 1995; since 1998, I have been accompanying my daughter Corinne to all the wine shows – ten per year – at which Haut-Goujon has a stand. I like seeing our customers all over France every year, and meeting people.
I am as energetic as ever! And I have taken up painting at the age of 65! One of my great joys.
The other is to see my children working and progressing and my grandchildren growing up around me.

Corinne Garde

My parents were very young when they had me and would leave me in my pushchair at the end of the row of vines where they were working. At that time, they could not afford a nanny, so I literally grew up in the vineyard!
As a teenager, I used to help my father to look after the vines. My parents were always very busy replanting and restructuring the vineyard after it was destroyed by the frosts in 1956.

Currently I am responsible for the administrative aspects of the business and for its financial and economic management. I also participate in the marketing of the wines by doing shows and fairs for the general public in France – around 10 a year – and the development of sales to our private clientèle.

Mickael Garde

My father was beginning to suffer from health problems, and gradually reduced his involvement. I worked by his side for many years, and it was with him that I gained experience and knowledge
in the vineyard. But to move the property forwards with different growing methods, new vinification techniques and ageing in new barrels required patience and perseverance.
In 2009, I met a specialist in organic agriculture. This resulted in a fundamental change of approach for the family business. I came to understand that alternative, more environmentally friendly methods existed, such as organic and biodynamic farming. It was a revelation! I decided to put these methods into practice.
In 2010, SCEA Garde et Fils began the procedure for ISO 14001 environmental certification.
My six months in California also opened my eyes to new methods of winemaking and ageing. I have now started using 500 litre barrels for vinification and ageing, and maturing some wines without SO2.





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