The beginning of the year is winter when we prune the vines.
It is a time to reflect on our choices and future commitments.
We need to think carefully about our growing methods as the growth cycle begins again.

Pruning the vines requires observing, questioning and anticipating.
We have to look carefully at each vine to understand it.
We have to respect it so that it gives its best, without exhausting or restricting it. Depending on the vine’s vigour, how many buds should we leave? Is it balanced? How can we prepare the positioning of the future bunches, so they have sufficient space to develop without hindrance? And then, which branch will bear the following year’s harvest?

We choose the branches that will bear the most expressive, healthiest grapes possible.

Caring for our working and living environment is, as always, a priority. This year, we want to bring more life into and around our vineyard with the creation of habitats for auxiliary fauna, with hedges, shelters, tree planting and the positioning of nesting boxes.