We will soon be equipped with an international online store allowing our foreign customers to buy our wines very simply with a single payment that includes the costs of wine, transport, taxes, duties and customs clearance, all within the currency of their choice.

Thanks to this solution, our customers will be able to know in complete transparency the overall cost of an order and will benefit from secure delivery in less than a week in many countries around the world.Château Haut-Goujon was selected by Pelican Air Services to be one of the first châteaux in France to have this direct international sales solution.

Pelican Air Services is the partner who takes care of the follow-up of our shipments from the castle to the door of our customers, ensuring compliance with all the administrative formalities and the customs postage of our packages.


Access will soon be available to our international e-store where you can pay exact shipping costs as well as any duties and taxes. You will also have the option to pay in your own currency.

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